Our services

At Activa Soluciones Web, we work closely with our clients to provide customized solutions that drive businesses' online growth. Our services cover web design, web development and SEO. Find out how we can contribute to your online success.

  • We offer web development and design services

  • Creating simple web pages

  • Construction of complex web pages with programming language (JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Flash, CSS, Shockwave...)

  • Design and development of the website

  • Integration of social networks, google maps, e-mail

  • Hosting, SSL security and malware scanner for one year

  • Domain for one year

  • All our pages have a responsive design, so they look good on computers and mobile devices.

Great Variety of Web Pages

We design web pages for all types of needs

  • Small companies

  • Personal projects, entrepreneurs

  • Hotels, Tourist Estates, Restaurants, Transportation Companies.

  • Clothing warehouses, footwear warehouses, technology warehouses.

  • Online stores

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • E-commerce companies

  • Big enterprises

MacBook Pro showing vegetable dish
MacBook Pro showing vegetable dish
woman in purple and white floral long sleeve shirt and gray pants sitting on bed
woman in purple and white floral long sleeve shirt and gray pants sitting on bed
black iphone 4 showing icons
black iphone 4 showing icons
App Development and Design

We offer complete mobile application design and development services. Our team of app development experts will be in charge of creating a functional and attractive mobile application for your business.

  • Apps for Stores

  • Reservation Apps, Optimize your processes with automatic reservations.

  • Tourism Apps and Business Guides

  • Apps for Online Courses

  • Food Ordering Apps

  • Apps for business

  • Social networks

  • Uber-like apps


A chatbot is an artificial intelligence application that automatically simulates human conversations. It uses algorithms and databases to understand and respond to questions and requests in a natural way. These bots are used as virtual assistants on mobile devices, chatbots on websites, and automated customer service systems, offering information, solving problems, and providing support in real time. Their ability to learn and adapt makes them an efficient and versatile tool in digital communication.

Profile Optimization

Profile optimization is crucial for companies of all sizes, as it seeks to improve visibility and impact on platforms and social networks. By highlighting the value and products or services offered, you attract more potential customers and increase sales. Advertising campaigns on Google, including ads on Google search, partner websites, and YouTube, are part of this strategy. In addition, tracking through Google Analytics allows you to measure and analyze website traffic, thus optimizing Google Ads campaigns to achieve the proposed objectives.

a group of white robots sitting on top of laptops
a group of white robots sitting on top of laptops
photo of outer space
photo of outer space
Quality and efficient services

Our services are based on close collaboration with our clients. After providing a detailed quote and obtaining customer approval, we establish the payment method. The project starts with a 40% down payment, allowing us to start working immediately. The remaining balance is paid upon delivery of the project. We strive to make this process simple and transparent for our clients, giving them confidence in the quality and efficiency of the service. In short, we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure their satisfaction and achieve successful results.

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